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The Campaign to Save Our Pub

Welcome to the Save the White Lion campaign and thank you for your interest.

The White Lion should have celebrated its 300th birthday in 2014, however the pub was purchased that year by someone intent on converting it into a private house. Our campaign's objective is to oppose this change of use and to get the White Lion reopened, so that it can once again serve the local community and all who visit the wonderful Chiltern Hills.

The great news is that on 24th March 2017, the property developer who caused all this has agreed to sell the White Lion to a couple who intend to refurbish and reopen it - our campaign has been a success. The Hilltop community's spirit and passion to save their pub for the current and future generations living here has overcome greed.

The White Lion is located in the village of St Leonards in Buckinghamshire, which is close to Chesham, Wendover and Tring and only 30 miles from central London.  The pub is thought to be the highest pub in the Chilterns and close to the historic Ridgeway and Chiltern Way footpaths.  It has provided a warm welcome to walkers, cyclists, motor clubs and those just passing by, but importantly it has also been at the heart of the local community; a place for them to meet, chat and socialise over a pint or glass of wine.

The links above will provide you with all the information about the campaign, what we have achieved to date, what our next steps are and how you can help.  We really want your support, so please do sign-up to our newsletter and you can be sure of receiving the latest news from our campaign.